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We are entering a new financing period and new Interreg programmes are being built everywhere in Europe. Maritime cooperation will be needed and the new generation of Interreg programmes will continue to offer opportunities for maritime cooperation.

The videos “Does Maritime Cooperation Matter?” show how manyfold Interreg maritime cooperation can be. For this purpose, the videos feature specific maritime cooperation projects and their results to make Interreg cooperation more tangible.

The project BSB552 / RedMarLitter“Innovative Techniques and Methods for Reducing Marine Litter in the Black Sea Coastal Areas”, priority 2.2. “Awareness Raising and Joint Actions for Reducing River and Marine Litter” is the only project from the Black Sea Basin Program 2014-2020, which was selected to participate in this initiative of Interreg.

The videos are made available for the whole Interreg maritime community to promote Interreg (maritime) financing and the opportunities it provides.

There are altogether five videos available for free promotional use: one pan-European and four regional versions. The pan-European video features

altogether 5 projects from all over Europe. The regional versions for South-Western, South#Eastern, North-Western and North-Eastern versions include 2-3 project examples from the respective region of Europe.

BSB552 / RedMarLitter is also presented in the pan-European and southeastern versions.


Last Updated on 12 August, 2021

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