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Today, August 10, 2021, the final meeting of the BSB552 RedMarLitter project began. Observing the security measures in connection with COVID-19, the meeting is held in a hybrid format, as the partners from Georgia joined online due to the anti-epidemiological measures introduced at the end of July in the Republic of Bulgaria.

On the first day, the partners presented their final project activities and presented the achievements of the BSB552 RedMarLitter project – actions, deadlines and evaluation of the results achieved within its framework in terms of reducing pollution in the Black Sea basin.

The project contributed to the study of the current state of defined target areas of the Black Sea and the Black Sea coast, collecting information on pollution sources, the amount and composition of marine litter and creating a database that brings together data from all project partner countries.

A computer map and an innovative online platform have been created, which provides data on currents in the Black Sea and solid waste pollution. The platform is designed so that data can be added to it both from scientific organizations and from individual citizens who have identified pollution processes. The system allows tracking of solid waste pollution in a more comprehensive and accessible way and will support both research in the field and voluntary cleaning activities.

Pilot activities have been carried out for the cleaning of pre-defined areas from marine litter and a Manual for Marine Waste Management has been created.

Policies have been implemented for the integration of society and in particular of young people from different cultures and backgrounds to promote the protection of the Black Sea and the Black Sea coast, scientific, information and educational campaigns have been organized, both nationally and locally under the motto : “Our sea! Our future!”

The results will be presented to the competent institutions at European, national and local level.

The meeting continues tomorrow.


Last Updated on 10 August, 2021

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