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We eat contaminated fish. Hundreds of fish species contain microplastics, warn world scientists. Our Black Sea, unfortunately, is among the most polluted water basins.

A total of 555 species of fish around the world consumes plastics. Most often this happens through the gills. Several organizations in our country are studying the effects of pollution on marine life. Smaller particles of waste penetrate directly into them.

“There is certainly some danger for animals, which unfortunately has not yet been fully assessed, as there is still a need for much research into the amounts of microplastics in animals and whether these microplastics pass into humans when consumed. For example, the fish that have microplastics and whether it affects the human body and whether they enter the human metabolism, “said Ina Agafonova of the Via Pontica Foundation.



Although it is a requirement of the traders to check the safety of their catch, the Food Agency monitors the quality of fish from the seas and oceans that are consumed in our country. In response to BNT, the Agency clarified that for 2020 there is only one established discrepancy in terms of microbiological indicators.

But it is clear that human waste is harmful to all animal species. In addition to fish in the sea, debris that falls into other bodies of water, such as Lake Vaya, is also dangerous for the birds that inhabit the lake.

“They can be trapped and they can also be swallowed. It would be plastic earplugs, and respectively from the animal species to reach the people in some way “, said Rafi Yanchev from the Association “Burgas Lakes”.



Periodically, volunteers clean the water pools near Burgas. In their last campaign alone, they collected 170 bags of garbage and 97 car tires. However, it is difficult to clean the heart of the seas and oceans. For this, special floating systems are used, adapted to the current, in order to collect the waste in the water. And according to scientists, the consumption of plastic from fish is increasing every year.

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David Suknarov

Last Updated on 21 February, 2021

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