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„Increasing Knowledge of the Marine Environment for Sustainable Management of Marine Resources and Achieving Blue Growth“

„Blue Dimension of the Green Deal in Bulgaria“

Protection of the Sea Coast and Coastal Areas

„Identification of "Hot Spots"of Pollution with Solid Marine Litter"

Presentation of Results under the Project "Sailing through the Black Sea"

"National Waste Management Policies“

"Presentation of the project "Cross-border regions cooperate for blue growth" (BLUE GROWTH COLLABs)

"Measures to Reduce Marine Solid Waste"

"Caring for the Sea - Caring for Our Future. Challenges, Opportunities and Prospects "

Results of a Study for Pollution of Pomorie Lake with Waste, incl. Microplastics


"Plastics and Lagoons around the World - What Are the Dangers for the Black Sea"

Black Sea Pollution Risk Assessment

Ships as a Source of Pollution of the Black Sea by Solid Waste

How We, as Consumers, Affect the Pollution of the Black Sea

Monitoring of Waste Deposited on the Seabed. Methods for Sampling, Dissemination and Evaluation

Civil Science - a Contribution to the Picture of Marine Litter along the Coast

Monitoring of Marine Litter on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

Environmental Problems of the Black Sea

Black Sea, Free of Plastic

Monitoring of Floating Waste in the Waters off the Bulgarian Black SeaCoast in the Period 18-27.09.20

Presentation of the More Care Project, Funded by the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Bulgaria

"Waste in the Black Sea - the Responsibility of People for the Sustainable Development of the Marine Ecosystem"

Last Updated on 12 August, 2021