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Via Pontica Foundation and the Municipality of Burgas organized the cleaning of the beach north of the “Chernomorski solnici”- (Black Sea salt pans), located 10 km from Bourgas. The volunteers gathered on 30.09.2020 at 13:30. The third cleaning in a row this year on Solnitsite beach –Salt Pans Beach was again the work of the team of the “Innovative Techniques and Methods for Reducing Marine Litter in the Black Sea Coastal Areas”, priority 2.2. “Awareness Raising and Joint Actions for Reducing River and Marine Litter”, Joint Operational Programme “Black Sea Basin 2014-2020” project. Both transport and the necessary cleaning materials such as sacks and gloves were provided.

Solnitsite beach is one of the most secluded beaches in the region of Burgas. It is located near Atanasovsko Lake and Burgas salt pans, where there are pools with healing mud, salt and lye, and their visit is completely free. There are good conditions for kite and windsurfing. The beach is covered with black sand, which in summer heats up so much that it is almost impossible to walk on it barefoot.

More than 100 people had signed up to take part in the action, mostly students from the upper grades of the elite Burgas English high school AEG “Geo Milev”, but quarantine related to Covid-19 suddenly prevented young people from two classes to join.
Despite the reduced number, the volunteers split into two groups of about 30 people
each, and with a lot of energy and good mood managed to clean the entire beach “Solnitsite”.

The organizers thanked heartily all the participants in the action. But more importantly is, that the young people received a object lesson directed to reducing pollution and managing biodiversity more effectively in the Black Sea region and were convinced that investing time, energy and ideas in a good cause always brings joy, satisfaction and pride, because they help and contribute to the positive change of their city!

Last Updated on 1 October, 2020

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