Burgas Residential Complexes Gathered a Total of 780 Cubic Meters of Waste

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Approximately 780 cubic meters of waste were collected at the time of spring cleaning. This is what the Director of the Environment Directorate of Burgas Municipality, Pavlin Mihov, told Radio Focus.

According to him, a basic cleaning was carried out in the areas of the Izgrev, Slaveykov, Zornitsa, Lazur and Bratya Miladinov residential complexes.

“At this point, we can say that spring cleaning, which we started in mid-March, is on schedule, and there is no delay in cleaning the sites. Probably the unfavorable weather conditions this week will slow us a little, but everything we have predicted in the program will be over, even with a little delay”, Mihov noted.

He added that the teams currently work on the territory of the residential complex “Meden Rudnik” and its adjacent areas, and there are also cleaning areas, which are on the outskirts of the complex – “Bialata Prast”, “Borova Gorichka” and others.” Meanwhile, a cleaning of contaminated terrains on the land of compound settlements and neighborhoods is carried out.

“So far we have completed the activities in the neighborhoods of Kraimorie, Sarafovo, Cherno More , Vetren, Banevo and Mineral Baths, as well as in the villages of Tvardnica, Dimchevo and Marinka”, Mihov said.

He added that this week the teams will start cleaning activities in the Lozovo, Bratovo and Ravnets neighborhoods. The Chernikite, XI Shahta areas, Rosenets villa zone, road sections Burgas-Gorno Ezerovo, Bourgas – Cherno More, Bourgas – Vetren and others, are also cleaned”, Mihov also said. According to him, during this spring cleaning, about 8 tons of used tires, that were thrown into Lake Vaya, were collected.

Last Updated on 11 April, 2019

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