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University “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov ”- Burgas and Thracian University – Edirne implement the project “The Cross-border Regions Cooperate for Blue Growth-BLUE GROWTH COLLABs “, which aims to establish research centers for Blue Growth in the cross-border region, as an initiative for scientific cooperation – research institutions in the field of environmental protection and in particular pollution reduction, sustainable management of aquatic ecosystems and efficient use of marine and water resources. This was announced by Alma Mater from Burgas.

The project envisages the establishment of the Research Centers in Burgas and Edirne, within which the following will be equipped and function: Laboratory for analysis of water pollution with plastic, Laboratory for analysis and modeling of aquatic ecosystems, Laboratory of aquaculture and biotechnology.

The centers will play the role of scientific infrastructure for collaboration of scientists, researchers, local and regional institutions in the development of common approaches, methodologies, models and initiatives for sustainable use and management of the natural resources. The research activities of the centers are combined with their educational function in terms of involving students in research tasks and projects, conducting information campaigns and working with local communities to form environmentally responsible behavior.

In the implementation of the project the University “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov ”and Thracian University- Edirne partner with the Vocational High School of Chemical Technology“ Acad. ND Zelensky ”- Burgas and the High School in Edirne. Students and teachers from both high schools will actively participate in the volunteer and information-educational initiatives provided by the project as a demonstration of the opportunities for effective partnership between the different levels of educational ecosystems in the region.

The project is the first strategic, funded under the Interreg  Programme – IPA for Cross-border Co-operation Bulgaria – Turkey 2014 – 2020 with a total budget of 2 855 246 Euro.


Last Updated on 25 November, 2020

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