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Via Pontica Foundation joins the European Commission’s initiative “European Maritime Day in My Country” on the occasion of European Maritime Day 2021

On May 20, we celebrate the European Day of the Sea. Its announcement is one of the key initiatives of the EU’s Integrated Maritime Policy, launched in 2007. Maritime Day brings together business and civil society stakeholders professionally involved in maritime policy, as well as journalists from across the EU and beyond to discuss the wide range issues related to integrated maritime governance, new technologies, energy production, maritime spatial planning, maritime surveillance systems, etc.

The European Maritime Day in My Country initiative is an important part of awareness-raising and public awareness activities on maritime issues, which have been expanding and gaining popularity in recent years.

On this occasion, Via Pontica Foundation organizes two Information Days entitled “Saving the Black Sea from Waste”, which will be held on 21.05.2021 in front of the Exhibition Center “Flora” in the Sea Garden of Burgas and 22.05.2021 in front of Cultural Sea Casino Center, Burgas.



Last Updated on 19 May, 2021

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