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On September 25, 2019, an innovative online platform providing data on the Black Sea currents and marine litter pollution was presented at the Flora Exposition Center in Burgas. The platform is designed so that data can be added to it by both scientific organizations and individual citizens who have monitored the waste. The system will enable the marine litter pollution to be tracked in a more complete and accessible way and will support both the research in the area and volunteering for the Black Sea.



The platform was developed by the team under the project “ Innovative Techniques and Methods for Reducing Marine Litter in the Black Sea Coastal Areas” (BSB552 RedMarLitter), in which the leading partner, the Via Pontica Foundation, teams with the Municipality of Burgas and two universities – “Ovidius” from Constanta, Romania and Tbilisi State University, Georgia and covers data from the three countries. Subsequently, it is expected to be supplemented by data from other Black Sea countries.

The presentation of the online database was part of the second monitoring meeting on the project BSB552 RedMarLitter, which was held from 24-26 September 2019.



The project is implemented by priority 2.2. “ Awareness Raising and Joint Actions for Reducing River and Marine Litter”, Joint Operational Programme “Black Sea Basin 2014-2020”.

In addition to the ongoing project procedures, the representatives from all stakeholder groups had the opportunity to participate in a monitoring campaign. In line with the current interactive approach on September 25, 2019 starting at 10 am on the beach north of Burgas Salt Lakes, in collaboration with the Naval Academy “N. Y. Vaptsarov” a demonstration of the on-site work and presentation of techniques and methods of conducting a monitoring campaign was conducted.



Open discussions with experts and partners sharing valuable feedback in exchange knowledge regarding the progress of the planned activities and the presentation of the created computer-based platform for marine waste monitoring were the focus of the meeting.



Next on the agenda, is the implementation of the updated managerial and procurement plan. The participation of external contractors, regional experts, local and academic authorities was highly appreciated by the team of all RedMarLitter partners.


Last Updated on 29 September, 2020

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